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From: KentCave <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 02:01:15 +0700

YIKES!!! They butchered up the format, making it such an eye-sore!

I feel "betrayed", since I have a Mac-phobia (I wont touch one even with a long pole =).

To stick with your principle or stain your honor by relenting? Hmm I guess only 3 will ever see print, while the rest 2 of them will find a new home.

*starts searching* aaah Avault, hmm where else?

For those interested, better get it in the msg and file section from this site, GRR!!!

  Grr, how come no matter what "I" insist, they still wont believe me that - there "in fact" exist KoDP in PC Windows version!!!

  I recall David regretted never keeping a record/survey of whether folks playing KoDP are mainly PC or Mac owner, right? It's just too late now.

  Sheesh, one posted, 5 more coming. Hope it will helps, especially if ppl start posting at the message boards. Once it shows in top ten of the Mac msg boards list, then folks will start giving it due attention.

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