Actually the hard level isn't too bad

From: Chris <zcore_uk_at_...>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 02:57:22 -0000

You have to be careful. Majorly so with food at the beginning and those darn feuding neighbors are a big bind. i hate trading decent goods for food. The heroquests feel a bit strange the ones which previously i found easiest are now hard and vice versa. It must be just me. And as for treasures well now they seem to be fewer. Ah well it must be me.

Just been occuring to me there must be a really steep learning curve with this game. The glorantha material is familiar for me from good old runequest. But for people who have just picked up the game I suspect quite a few facets are totally strange. For example, "man sized" talking ducks. Himm someone was smoking something dodgy i'd say if i didn't know better. Lol.

What I find annoying in the game is the two actions per season. For example, re-organizing your resources (farmers, hunters, crafters etc). It takes half a season for these actions. Strangly you can build defences say a stone wall and that takes the same allocation of time.

ah well it's still an excellent game.
Cheers chris  

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