From: James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey <jscm_at_...>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 22:09:52 -0500

>But I have a problem, nothings to do with the program though, its
>just that in the 17' monitor I am using now, or maybe its the
>graphic card, there is no choice to go to 640x480 mode, the lowest
>it will go is 800x600.

Weird. What's the graphics card? Driver?

I'd bet it's the card and driver, not the monitor.

And, out of curiosity, I just checked: my recently upgraded machine (Radeon 9800, Cat 1.10 drivers) won't go below 800x600 either. Interesting....

James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey
jscm_at_... (note - new address!)

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