Re: Is this delay in forming a tribe reasonable?

From: roger_ducasse <roger_ducasse_at_...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 04:24:37 -0000

> So you picked "Wait for a while, then assemble a tribe" (your saga
> would show "We decided to act on his words, but not in haste")?

No, my saga shows, "We took his words to heart, and decided it was time to assemble a tribe. First we would have to settle our feud with the Apples."

We did so, but they started raiding us again a couple of years later. We reciprocated, and they resumed the feud. A few years after this, we stopped it through a Peace Bomb--but it's been at least another ten years after that, and still no opportunity to start the tribe.

Barry Brenesal

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