Re: New KoDP site

From: JR <mythfrodo_at_...>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 06:45:13 -0000

> Nicely done! I especially like the way you've collected so many of
> game's reviews. Quite a few are hard to come by. One suggestion,
for what it's
> worth: I personally prefer a summarized listing with links of all
> thread titles that have been updated, rather than the outline format
which can get
> very lengthy. But then, that only happens if a forum is used a
lot. Let's
> hope the game generates that kind of traffic for you, and that you can
> regularly police and remove the spammers who will show up. :)
> Barry Brenesal

Yes, you're probably right about the format. More importantly maybe, I realized it had no search function, which on a KoDP forum, chalk full of information as they are, is not a good idea. So I've updated it to the other format.

Excellent! Thank you!

Don't forget to check up on the site in the future people - I will be adding more to it soon.

> If the saved games are in binary (I checked - they are), then quite
> the different byte order of PowerPC and Intel will have messed up
the data.
> There isn't an easy fix if that's the case, since you'd have to know
> each multi-byte number is stored to be able to reverse it. That's
> there aren't other problems, like some data items being different

Well, I wonder (not knowing anything about this sort of thing) if this means Intel Macs, despite the other problems they will cause for KoDP players, may allow for the exchange of saved games.


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