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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 04:38:57 -0000

For David

I am all for rounding up more fundings. Go go you guys!

God and gamers know many great games out there just stopped because of the lack of money (fallout, Warzone2100...). Money, as they say, is the ball-buster.

As to my 4000 clan, why is this a bug? I devoted 40 years of history just for health+children magic,attracting immigration from other clans, maintain my lovely temples of Chalana Arroy and Ernalda (for bless children and curing), my lovely shrine of Kero Fin, even annual sacrifice to WindSpirit and Kero Fin (this is insurance, by the way, and it's not that expensive to do)CA ring member, sacrifice for curing when the sicks is over 75, CA HQ when thy are over 150, Woad and Shield for defense... all of it is a monumental pain in the ass and you call it a bug! It really, really puzzles me!

And when they complain about not enough food/land or whatever, why, the game give me 2-3 options: raid more lands from my lazy neighbours, or gift them complainers. Or just reorganize the ring. No Problemo! You can CHOOSE NOT TO SPLIT. It's expensive and sometimes hard but it's doable.

As to ungovernable mob, why, that's true! Only 20 nobles to govern over those 4000 peeps! more nobles, less ungovernable , yes?!

And to all of you out there:

Whenever somebody said this to me "it's a unOrlanthi, un-PC, uncommunist,  un-capitalist... way to play" they pissed me off. I am not a schoolboy anylonger to hear somebody dictate my way of learning, of experimenting. I dont raid all those clans around me, that's because I CHOSE to do so, in order to devote more time to other things (like my lovely poplulation, btw). On the other hand, I may CHOOSE to raid all those clans, drive them all into Upland Marsh, just for the hell of it. Why, it's my way of playing! In game playing you have free will to choose. Gamemakers can set penalty for choosing those certain ways of playing, I have no problem with that. In fact, set all you want: Gods' punishment, bad fame, reluctance of peeps to immigrate there...But the most important thing is the avaiblity of those certain ways of playing in the first place.

With fumings

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