Re: Who hit the Bat?

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2004 21:42:41 -0000

> Yeah. Any ideas about what Kallyr's "personal service" to King
> Broyan was? Was she part of his ring?

I doubt it, if only because it raises questions about why she (presumably) left it. Comparing their stats gives me no clues. Maybe she just brought a lot of troops with her?  

> > I know of a few bits of (personal campaign) story that
> > assume Kallyr was at least involved in the Bat-blat,
> > if not leading it, so I think ruling her out this
> > early may well be a bad idea. Let's keep options open.
> Sure - I just would recommend against her being the central figure
> in the Bat-blat.

Fine. I don't insist on her being prominent, or even particularly effective. Just "there".  

> > > Does Kallyr's power and
> > > leadership become apparent only as the siege wears
> > > on,
> >
> > According to the OiD write-up, she's already extremely
> > powerful, and has been known for it for some time. So
> > I'm not sure.
> I think her power was already apparent, but not her leadership or
> judgment.

Charisma, perhaps. She can get people to follow her. Figuring out what to tell them to do thereafter is a separate problem.

> > > gradually eclipsing her friend and former master, and possibly
> > > generating leadership tensions?
> >
> > Tensions are good.... quite possibly Broyan and Kallyr
> > get on fine, but their *followers* compete?
> Do we really need Achilles and Agammemnon here? Isn't Harrek going
> to fulfill that role enough?

AFAIK Harrek doesn't show up until some time after Whitewall.

And I'm not suggesting a full A&A situation at all. They really did resent each other. Broyan and Kallyr seem to cooperate all the way through: as someone pointed out, he came and helped her in 1625. My idea was that others with more competitive inclinations see the whole thing as a contest between them for leadership, and neither of them do.

In fact, maybe this is why Kallyr wanders off before it's all over: she can see that she's accidentally stealing Broyan's glory, and leaves so as to give him a free hand? (And perhaps to attack the Lunars from the outside? OiD gives her 2W2 in guerilla warfare, not sieges.)

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