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Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 13:32:02 GMT

In message <c2bq27+ea9j_at_...> "Jimbruce" writes:
>In the files area of this group
>there is an excel spreadsheet file called siege_forces.xls
>It details my estimates for the approximate number and composition of
>Lunar and Heortling forces at key moments in the campaign.
>The file has just been updated after list discussion. (Uz downplayed,
>Kitori references removed).
>I don't consider myself a Whitewall expert, but have put this
>document together to give us a base for discussion. Does the general
>play of forces 'look right' given the situation? Are there important
>additional groups I should include? Am I off by an order of magnitude?

The Lunar numbers look low to me. I'm not clear how big Whitewall is but it must be a fair size to provide refuge for 2,000 - 2,500 people with supplies. Yet until 1621 it is being blockaded by less than 3,000 troops and there's even an assault in 1619 with that force.

Assuming the Defenders are about right I would put the Besiegers at: 1. A good infantry unit (DH phalanx or Tarsh Huscarls) maybe

     understrength - 800 to 1000.
2. Several companies of dragoons (Mounted Infantry rather than

     Cavelry) - 400 to 600.
3. A good Light infantry unit (e.g. Peltasts) - 1000

4.	A couple of Militia, Levy or mercenary infantry units to provide
     labour and cannon fodder. Probably understrength due to desertion
     - say 1500.

To my mind that would be enough to blockade the city without a serious risk of the defenders sallying out and destroying part of the army. For a serious assault I would add another unit of Light Infantry and another of Militia but they could be brought from nearby rather than usually deployed at Whitewall.

You also should include the siege train, maybe a couple of hundred. I don't think they would appear before 1620 after the failure of the bat attack.

For 1621 the numbers are OK although they could be increased to represent the Lunars adopting a policy of overkill - after all they don't know the defenders are abandoning the city.

>These are my assumptions:
>Most human military activity is restricted to a summer campaign
>season that extends from late Sea, through Fire, and into early
>Earth). At other times of the year, sowing and harvest, the
>conditions for travel etc. severely limit activity.

The Lunars are less affected by this, their core units are not involved in the harvest and they need to maintain the siege although I agree there won't be much actual fighting.

Donald Oddy

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