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Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 18:06:20 -0800

They aren't "moping" but protecting the liberties of the Hendriki - now lost to the Pharoah and the Andrini. Only through the Volsaxi can the Hendriki freedoms be restored.

It sounds to me like the Andrini have replaced the Larnsti. There might only be the Whitewall Larnsti left. For what it's worth, Broyan is "leader of the Larnsti" with a value of 5M2. I think the whole heroband is there at Whitewall.

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>So Hargrand the Green reestablishes the Volsaxi at Whitewall circa 1400
>(prior to that the Volsaxar were at Kartenstead). I would like the
>Larnsti to be involved in this - they have been replaced by the
>Shire-reeves and it explains Broyan's leadership of the Larnsti.

IMO the Larnsti don't mope about their displacement by Andrin - they have moved on like their God has. Getting fixated about ancient wrongs sounds un-Larnsti to me.

>Btw - I would like to suggest that Broyan leads not a faction of the
>Lansti, but the whole damn heroband.

I disagree. The Larnsti are all throughout Heortland, not just associated with the Volsaxi.

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