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From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 04:53:17 -0000


> As to the debate over whether the Lunars' goal was
> "enslave" or "kill" Orlanth, surely this was a divided
> question even in the empire, with four camps forming:

I like this approach, and it details my own suggestion a post or two back.    

> The "marketing" camp, saying theat they will heal
> Orlanth by binding him to the natural order blah blah
> blah.
> The triumphal (as in Roman triumph) camp, wanting to
> enslave Orlanth and bind him to the wheel of Yelm's
> chariot.
> The imperialist/realist camp, who wants to exterminate
> Orlanth, led by people who are like caricatures of
> Donald Rumsfeld.

Or who just want to exterminate Whitewall and go home, and aren't privvy to, or don't believe, all the mythic propaganda.

(I thought Donald *was* a caricature? :) Opens up some interesting character possibilities though.)  

> The experimental HQers/college of magic, who know that
> binding, enlaving, or killing Orlanth are all the same
> thing, since binding or enslaving him suffocates him.

> I think Tatius moves from one camp (probably
> triumphal) to another during his experiences in
> Heortland.

If anyone had the big picture, or the highest level possibilities, it would be Tatius. Its a game of chess. And the Orlanthi temple is majorly packed with ultra high level priests and heroquesters, who are surprisingly good at foiling exploratory quests and rituals, and of launching some surprises of their own.

But everyone is inexorably getting drawn into a very big myth, one which very few of them completely understand.


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