Re: Heortland Civil War

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 12:57:56 -0000

>>Hargrand the Green reestablishes the Volsaxi at Whitewall circa
>>1400 (prior to that the Volsaxar were at Kartenstead).

And I think Whitewall is not seen as that practical for living in (hence the comments about it never becoming the city its founders dreamed of in DP:LoT). It's value is as a fortress and a symbol - this makes Hargrand move his seat there. It is a place to live in time of conflict (therbey having a Helm's Deep role)

Tarkalor brings the Volsaxi links with Satar when they join froces against the Kitori (who I assume are expanding out of Marzeel, perhaps with the excuse of Night Jumper provocation)

> They aren't "moping" but protecting the liberties of the Hendriki -
> now lost to the Pharoah and the Andrini. Only through the Volsaxi
>can the Hendriki freedoms be restored.

An early draft of DP:LOT had more kingdom and prime movers information. Broyan was identified as King of the Volsaxi.My guess is that the conflict with the King of Heortland has been an ongoing to-and-fro struggle only exacarbated by Rikard.

Perhaps Broyan's association with the Larnsti may be part of a strategy to abandon notions of the Kingdom of Heortland with the death of the Pharoah and insead opt for restoration the Hendrieki tribe. But if that restoration is his desire then he must be aware that Hendriek's heir is found amongst the Larnsti, so Broyan must become one of the Lanrsti (i.e. join their hero band) to qualify. However I'm not sure that Broyan's Larnsti are the same as the original form which Hendriek would know - change is after all in their nature. That decision by Broyan potentially places additional restictions upon him, restrictions that my hem him in over time. I get the impression that Broyan is seemed as doomed by making shortterm  choices.

I suspect some fo this may also be at the heart of any Kallyr/Broyan conflict. Kallyr is looking to the longer-term picture of liberation from the Empire and looking northwards, Broyan is looking to the impact and laegacy of the Pharoah and is looking south and west. Differing priorities, perhaps even different long-term magical goals. For Broyan the final ending at Whitewall, fleeing Hendriek like from under the noses of those who think they have captured him might be his goal, re-creating Hendriek's resistance strategy in the first age. Kallyr may not want to accept such a defeat.

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