Re: Tribal maps

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 19:12:38 -0000

DP:LoT has a supply base in Baron Sanuel's Smithstone, and a waystation garrison at (Curtali) Stagwood.

The Markdale would see a field camp with ditch and ramparts near the road, IMO, plus a few lesser "castrae" on surrounding hilltops.

> Agreed, a nice welding of the sources. One minor point: DP:LoT has
> the Curtali holding Stagwood.

Sloppy research - I took the Crossline as basic border between Kethaela and Kerofinela.

> But useful in clarifying a 'workable' model.

It's just a suggestion, but we have to start from somewhere. And the Wilmskirk content is not very exact at all...

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