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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 12:27:42 -0800


> > I think maybe Whitewall was constructed by in the early

        Age. Whitewall was built on a huge boat-shaped rock that rises some

        500-1800 feet above the surrounding hills...< Much goodness snipped

> > What do you all think? >
> That is pretty much what I was imagining. The hanging temple
forms a

> great observation plarform for fols to oversee the whole flow
of a

> battle too.

Sounds like we have a keeper. The open-aired hanging temple is a great observation platform and gives the Orlanthi a cool place to perform their rituals and heroquests. I'm adding my previous post to the Files section.          

> You are right. I think that Tarkalor's Road may have an
easier way

> in. It should probably have an impressive bridges and a

> seperate from the fortress proper. If only for story purposes
as the

> narrow bridge is a great place for one-on-one heroic strugles

> the isolated gatehouse for those few_heroes doomed stand

> many_mooks trials.

I absolutely agree. I'm calling this Tarkalor's Gate and I think it was designed by (or at least commissioned by) our favorite King of Dragon Pass. I imagine that it is a broad winding road (carved out of the rock) which leads to a bridge that connects it to a separate gatehouse. A great place for heroic struggles and battles of champions.  


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