Re: Quick Sketch of Whitewall

From: pedrodevaca <pavis_gm_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 21:04:11 -0000

Yes, the plateau is supposed to continue to the right of the picture, probably with other small buildings or small forts at key locations.

Whats kind of funny is I drew the bridge and Tarkalor's Gate before I read your recent posts naming it as such. So it seems we had similar visions of a nifty spot to stick a bridge.

Tarkalor's Gate is a recent addition but the seldom used "old path" is still visible as a narrow stair case to its left. The crumbling and war-beaten fort at the head of the old path lies below the more grandiose gate of Tarkalor.

I like the idea of heroic battles on the bridge with the Temple towering above crackling with the power and magics of rituals performed by those inside. Anywho.


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