Whitewall 15 y.o. Dandelion Cask Special Reserve

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 13:04:22 -0000

> Sounds like quite a nice idea to me. One of those
> oddities that makes the place a bit more than just an
> impregnable fort. If it's compatible with the other
> ideas (and my geology isn't up to understanding
> whether it is or not), let's go for it.

Ta! Bizarrely enough, kaolin--'china clay' and a product of feldspathic erosion--is the key component of Fine Bone China. Seems to take on a new resonance... though 'China' needs work. :)

> No doubt the interesting geology makes it a good place
> to grow certain weird and rare herbs, too.

Sure, gods' marrow is very nutritious (I'm told...).   

> So we get pure water, *and* peat bogs? And a decent
> malt? Or am I adding two and two and getting seven? So
> *that's* how you keep morale levels up enough to stay
> put when the bat arrives :)

Sadly, the peat bogs overlay <deep breath> impermeable greenschist facies pelites, or metamorphosed marine muds and silts. That stops the water draining away, and aids peat bog formation. So if people are happy having localised bogs at the foot of Whitewall, you could certainly get the right conditions.

Of course, many fairly contest the presence of certain types of distilled liquors in Glorantha. I'm not for one moment suggesting that Braggi sits at his copper still at the base of Whitewall... I'm not suggesting that'd work.

But a *refined* ga-metal pot still on the otherhand... ;)

> "Shiny"? "Pretty"?

Yep, shiny and pretty!

Sadly, Jane, from a purely geological point of view, a harder shell would invalidate much of the comments regarding springs on the sides of Whitewall, of access to the Lunars. However a very large fissure in the 'outer bone' would allow water to surge through, no doubt, and possibly provide a point of access to softer marrow... or even tunnels...  

> Yeah! Though no doubt there are many other
> mythological source of Bone that might be of more use
> in our myth-making. Tying it to the Storm Tribe would
> be a good idea, if we're trying to identify the whole
> place with Orlanth.

I certainly agree, though those such whimsical tales that the barbarians construct to give their sorry lives debased meaning and perpetuate their rude savagery are beyond me. I leave that to braver athropologists than I!



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