Re: A stab at the geology

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 16:43:51 -0000


> pretty, shiny, and a dazzling white. They also are quite impossible
> substrate for masonry, so the only way to build with them is using
> them as they happen to break up, drystone or mortared. For a pure
> white effect, the mortar would have to be (and remain) white.
> Impossible with all other minerals I mentioned, since their surfaces
> will be overgrown with algae, lichen etc. Unlike the cliffs of
> fortifications don't tend to break off now and then, cleaning the
> surface. With quartzite, you have a fairly inhospitable surface.
> You get a fairly white face mortaring quartzite into a surface - see
> the reconstructed face of Newgrange.

It could be some kind of magical effect keeping the walls white. Perhaps there's some magical reason why they have to be white. (Besides cheesing off the Lunars who expect their artillery assaults to knock chunks out of the pristine white walls and mar their beauty). One of the conditions of the places fall might have been the walls turning black. Isn't that what's supposed to have happened?


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