RE: FOUNDATION: Progress of the Siege

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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 10:48:32 -0800

If there was a breach in the wall in early 1619, I doubt Whitewall would last until late 1621. Unless it was at a completely inaccessible point.
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	Nice work, John.
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> Lunar cavalry on the main road climbing to Whitewall
> are waylaid by rebel ambushes.
> Despite magical ploys, **formal challenges** and the
> slaughtering of hostages,
> the defenders within the city refuse to come forth
> to give battle.
With the exception of various Humakti who have the wrong geas.
> [Speculation: Out of control, Bat destroys sections
> of city and besieging army before flying
southwards.] Let it destroy a chunk of the walls, then we've got a breach to defend. ===== Jane Williams

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