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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 13:40:25 -0800

> I must disagree with this (relatively strongly). To me it sounds
> like good Orlanthi propaganda. "Nope, we didn't just get our arses
> handed to us on a plate and don't worry about the fact that you have
> no magic and find it difficult to breath, 'cause we just thumbed our
> noses at the lunars. They took the city we've been trying
> desperately to defend for the last 3 years, but its OK -we weren't
> there. So there!"

I think we have to take it at face value - the story about Broyan being in Ice Refuge dates back to RQ Companion and I'm pretty sure it is a key Greg issue. However, months can mean weeks. And the decision to abandon Whitewall - especially after all the sacrifices, heroquests and identification with Orlanth - would be a terribly difficult decision. It means essentially - Orlanth and Ernalda died so that we can live.  

> It also shortcircuts any number of good stories. Where is the
> drama, the sense of impending doom and the last minute efforts to
> get out before the lunar axe falls?

I think that should still be there. Maybe only Broyan and his companions can go to Ice Refuge - meaning that everyone else needs to find another way out! By the end of Earth Season, it will be pretty damn difficult to get out of WW - how did the other thousand defenders escape?  

When was this decision made - how do folk react? Do the Orlanthi realize Broyan's plan will bring on the Great Darkness? Do they even think it will work? All of this can be good roleplaying and heroic for the players.  

> But mostly it isn't MGF...

 Not necessarily, but I know it means work. On the other hand, I don't think we can treat it as mere propaganda - we just need to think it through and make it fun.  

From the Lunar side, it means you fight against a defender that keeps getting more powerful and more powerful until finally you break through the gates - and find...... nothing. Lots of heroic action and heroquesting (which is presumably resisted by Orlanth or at least a part of him), victory and then unbelievable anti-climax.  


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