From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 00:16:21 -0000

> After Whitewall, I think Broyan has successfully identified
> himself as a Vingkotling ruler (maybe even a Kodigvari Hidden
> This changes much of the political geography in Kethaela - and
> Kerofinela. It also probably gives Broyan a way out of the Larnsti
> limitation - since I think the Hidden Kings were actually the
> inspiration for Hendreik (and thus Larnsti themselves).

Nice chain of thinking. Not thought of the Hidden Kings this way before. I assumed they were just folks who turned from Orlanth to worship spirits when he was dead and in the underworld. But I prefer your direction.

> I like this! Or maybe he sidestepped it altogether as the
> Hidden King? Remember, many of these limitations may be changed or
> eliminated as a result of Whitewall and Iceland.

Or consinder that if Larnsti do one thing it is to change, though it always seem to be with a price (maybe you have great powers to escape your foes but few to hold ground). Broyan may be able to buy off the 'never leave Heortland' geas with another. Isn't this what Sartar does. For Sartar 'never leave' becomes 'never return'.

> Most Larnsti have no Sartar-like changing magics, - instead
> they are each the near-equivalent of a clan champion and have an
> Escape ability (which is presumably a magical affinity).
> This makes me believe that the Spirit of Hendreik is the main
> source of cool Larnsti magic.

Works for me.

> John - I think we need to change the timetable and some of our
> assumptions. I think Whitewall may have been empty for much of
>1621! Maybe even since Sacred Time!

Maybe, or is Broyan suggesting that they no longer 'live' in Whitewall but in their short world. So they can still be on the walls by day, fighting the odd duel to convice the Lunars they are still there but Whitewall is not their fortress - the other side is. As the last of the defenders who cannot gain access that short world leave they may increasingly spend more time there. So 1621 becomes more of a date at which the mass of defenders becomes the final few.

The question of whether the 23 bodies are significant remains though.

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