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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 17:27:36 -0800

John, Ian -  

I am in full agreement with this approach. I think that this is MGF - and makes the most "Gloranthan" sense. A few comments:

> >Maybe, or is Broyan suggesting that they no longer 'live' in
> >Whitewall but in their short world. So they can still be on

> >walls by day, fighting the odd duel to convice the Lunars
they are

> >still there but Whitewall is not their fortress - the other
side is.

> >As the last of the defenders who cannot gain access that
short world

> >leave they may increasingly spend more time there. So 1621

> >more of a date at which the mass of defenders becomes the
final few.

> This has been my initial response as well. It would mean that
the task of

> getting out the civilians and lower level volunteers becomes
a much earlier

> priority - possibly Kallyr's major mission in her Vinga
Hearthguard role -

> which seems to pop into her head every third or fourth
clayday. If we're

> lucky. :)

        As I said before, full agreement. This helps explain why Kallyr left so early.         

> Access and egress to Whitewall is then increasingly only open
to heroes who

> can quest - and this fits the discussion of making Whitewall

> identified with Stormhold or Vingkot's Fort - dangerous
because it allows

> the Lunars the possibility of the 'Kill Orlanth' gambit.
> And a lot of the siege is going to be on quest roads - either
daring untrod

> Other Side paths to get there, or Lunar countermyth actions
to block the

> way. A lot of the hero stuff is gonna happen on the Godplane.

        Right. If this is the case, we should try to figure out the overall direction of these heroquests - maybe even write up a dramatic one.          

        It seems to me that the Lunars will be heroquesting to overcoming Whitewall's defenses. These rituals and quests increase in magnitude and scope over time.          

        Meanwhile the Orlanthi are doing their quests to continue defending Whitewall and experimenting with untrod Other Side paths to find a way out of their trap.          

        Some of these heroquests should intersecct, cancel each other out - and change things. This might be the first time the DP Orlanthi start doing experimental heroquests like the Lunars in this conflict - which is a good premonition of things to come. The Hero Wars are beginning....          

> As the magical bombardment increases in those final seasons,
short worlds

> or godtime refuges become very essential bomb shelters. And
the defence

> becomes as much a strategic pantomime - 'we're here, we're
dangerous. we're

> not going anywhere', come and get us', as a defensive action.

        We are Orlanth.          

> If Whitewall becomes a feint to tie up military resources,
who or what is

> it covering for? Whitebull? Kallyr's Sartar preparations? The

        I don't think it is a feint for the Orlanthi - it is a way out of the trap.          

        I just realized that there is a Garrath Sharpsword angle - during Sea Season 1621, Argrath Sharpsword heroquests for Pinchining the Gold Wheel Dancer. There has to be a cross-over into all the heroquesting going on during late 1620 and 1621 at Whitewall!          

        Remember the Cradle happens Sea Season 1621. So the Cradle happens "seasons" before Whitewall falls - and I doubt that the WW defenders think the Cradle is the most significant thing going on.          

> And at least someone in the Lunar command might intuite the
real game.          

        Our Cassandra-esque Buseri does. I'm sure of it!         


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