Re: Broyan's family

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 16:00:39 -0000

And I thought you said she was a Colymar? The Zethnorings became Locaem in late 1613.

Wasn't Londros further north, in Taraling territory?

> I have made Leika a follower of Vinga Drogarsi with some powerful
> archery magic (remember her magical harp?).

That harp was a heroquest boon, IIRC, so it needn't define her subcult.

Her Dar the King membership probably lies low right now.

Orlanthi archery has only a hero (Jorganos), no subcult. I don't see Leika as a hunter type. Of course, she may have two personal feats (strong bow, fast shot) from heroquesting rather than a cult membership.

> She could be Broyan's girlfriend. She is either a friend or a rival
> of Kallyr. Maybe both.

IMO the main difference between Leika and Kallyr are the goals. Kallyr is Queen of the Kheldon only at second thought, whereas Leika sees the Colymar first and Sartar second.

Much like Ortossi...

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