ADMIN: Wiki Wiki White Wall

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:41:56 +1100

I think everyone has been surprised by the burst of creative energy that has accompanied the launch of this group. And I think all of us are a little daunted by the sheer volume of mail that's been generated. :)

For this reason alone, can I recommend that everyone take a close look at the Wiki Wiki White Wall pages that Tim Blackler has kindly set up for us.

Wiki Wiki is a combination of an online database and set of shared documents that **everyone** can create, work on, comment and expand. Start a basic document - say Lunar Forces - and it will grow as people add their own suggestions and additions. It makes the later job of editing a breeze. No sooner do you name and save a link than Wiki Wiki creates a new page for it. And rather than quote and make suggestions on list which later have to be edited back into our drafts, on Wiki Wiki everyone can make comments on the documents directly.

There are only three or four formating conventions you have to know to learn Wiki Wiki, so its very quick to pick up. If you can type and save, you can use the pages!

This is a revolutionary way of working on group projects. And working on documents directly will help keep list traffic to manageable and enjoyable levels.

While there may be a few bugs to sort out (people trying to work on same doc at same time) and strategies about proper use to learn (ways to handle same), the site is already a rather splendid tool.

If required, I'd be happy to post a quick summary of Wiki Wiki commands, and a listing of the tips and conventions we've already discovered to make using it easier. However, there are instructions and examples on the site, and there's a sandbox to experiment in. **Using** the pages is the best way to learn.

Please check it out and have a *play**. We can even create a DuckPondForHueymaktHeroes. In fact, I just did. :)

Thankz again Tim!


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