CHARACTERS: Kazanelm the far-sighted

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Kazanelm the far-sighted

Kazanelm is an aged Buserian starseer and astrologer attached to the command staff of Jorkandros the Blinder. Although infirm he endures the rigors of the campaign trail due to his attachment to his young nephew Jorkandros of the Untarl family of Yuthuppa. His obvious physical frailty hides what is still an extremely keen mind and an encyclopedic knowledge of the stars. His council tends towards the conservative, particularly in military matters, but has proven invaluable in previous campaigns and is greatly appreciated by Jorkandros, whose Polaris-style generalship is heavily influenced by Kazanelm's astrological predictions. In the initial stages he is heavily involved in the planning of the siege in predicting the most auspicious times for the assault and in designing the most harmonious arrangement for the besieging forces.

After Tatius takes over in 1619 Kazanelm remains with the lunar command, but his role is very much reduced as the majority of the young lunar staff dismiss his increasingly bizarre predictions as the ramblings of a bitter, senile old man. In 1621 his astrological observations become increasingly alarming – a previously obscure constellation attached to Orlanth's ring becomes more prominent in the sky above Whitewall and appears to be mystically connected to the city, whereas the stars of Whitewall's defenders fall into obscurity. Tatuis sees this as a good omen pointing to the imminent fall of the city, but Kazanelm believes that this is somehow related to a bold new ploy by the defenders, perhaps even a plan to escape the trap that has been so painstakingly set for them. Equally disturbing is the approach of blood-red Shargash, drawn by the bloody events below, whose interest threatens to throw all predictions into chaos!

After the final fall of Whitewall, and the embarrassing discovery that few defenders remained in the city, Kazanelm is quietly shipped to Prax so that no-one in the empire hears about his embarrassingly prescient warnings. While there he visits the prophetic springs at Moonbroth and learns disturbing things about the proposed new temple and finds inklings of potentially disastrous changes in the sky starting in the far east. As before, his warnings are dismissed and ignored.

[Cue beginning of journey to Bliss in Ignorance and confrontation with the Star-Permutator cult and the nepharious machinations of Can Shu...]


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