Re: Melisande, Narib, et al.

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:45:41 -0000

>Rikard's assumption of the throne, and his role as a Rokari
> crusader are established facts since G:CoHW.

> Where is his role as a Rokari crusader an established fact?
> I agree with Peter that Richard did not lead a formal crusade.

I think I inferred this from HQ voices:

'A personal view of Seshnegi life: What is my lot in life'

"If you want a hard but glorious life, you could fall in with the Crusaders, who are gathering to liberate New Malkonwal from the pagans in the east. But I fear their expedition will end as badly as the last one unless the king supports it this time."

But the key point is not Rikard's motives, which are in history, but that opposition to his usurpation of the throne could have created an alliance between Broyan and deposed Esvular nobility. With Rikard's removal by the Lunars, and the Empire offering inducements to serve, that alliance looks shaky. It just sets us up with conflict and crisis in the defenders ranks. The PCs get involved in the stay/go decisions of individual Esvulari. They can be an influence on later events - are their Esvulari heroes on the walls or are they standing outside with the Lunars, selling the defenders secrets to the Empire and joining the assault.     

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