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The Tor

The great tor on which Whitewall stands is a gray limestone. The outside is weathered but you can still see traces and signs of the sea creatures whose bodies formed the tor. Helamakt created the tor when he battled the waves, piling one defeated sea monster atop another to have someplace safe to stand. Finally he stomped his foot in victory and turned the mound into limestone. Later it is said the arm Destor tore from Lant Ulfar at Larnste's Table struck the top of the tor and turned it into the purest marble. Drops of the giant's blood were turned into crystal. Others say that it was Sesarto the Artist who turned the top of the tor into marble so he could build Whitewall. Either way, whether the crystals are crystalized giant's blood or the remains of sea creatures they can still be found.

On Black Rain Day the cliffs of the tor and even the shining marble Whitewall itself is made from seem to swirl slowly - perhaps imperceptibly, until one is attuned to the mythic currents - as the half-evident bodies of the denizens of the deep twirl in hypnotic repetition of the battle. The charged atmosphere stings of ozone and brine and only the most insensitive cannot hear the sea and the storm battling. Deep within the tor Sesarto carved cisterns and storerooms, though some say that he only used existing cavities within the rock formed by the spaces among the jumbled carcasses of the sea monsters. The water collecting system is elaborate and sophisticated and stores enough water for years of use. All water must be periodically tested for salinity as sometimes the innate magic of the tor overcomes the wards in the cisterns ruining the water for humans. There is a system for draining any of the 12 individual cisterns but it requires an elaborate magical ceremony.

Within the tor the signs of the sea creatures are much more obvious and many people say that they can hear and smell the sea. Most people feel uncomfortable in the caverns and prefer the pure, open spaces of Whitewall. Others seem drawn to explore and at least one person has come back with a magical pearl. Others have not returned at all and some say that as you go deeper you start to see things out of the corner of your eye. Things best left alone. The first Shargashi assault on the tor left a tunnel in but after it was repelled it filled with saltwater. Rumour suggests that the tunnel holds more than just water but no one has been motivated to check.

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