ADMIN: WikiWhiteWall Progress Report

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:03:36 -0000

If the enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, creativity, congeniality and sheer traffic volume of the new WhiteWall group caught us all by surprise, then let me say watching the transformation of our 'experimental' WikiWhiteWall has been nothing short of spectacular.

It's like a creation myth, and I can't believe its only day three.

On day one, we discovered links and pages. We did a little listing.

On day two, we discovered formatting. We did a little essaying.

Its barely day three, and we've discovered graphics. And we've done a little commenting.

If you haven't yet checked out WikiWhiteWall I encourage you to do so.

Already the power of the tool is beginning to reveal itself. Wiki has the potential to cut down a lot of the mail traffic on this list by allowing us to create, comment on, suggest alternatives and expand a variety of topics directly. Its one gigantic interlinked WhiteWall document.

If you can type, you can comment or expand upon existing documents. Learning to format and to create new documents is *very* simple - you'll be working productively in just minutes.

Among current happenings on W-WW:

The Users Manual is now online. And expanded.

There are discussion pages on Volsaxi kings, Malkioni, The Rock, Little Big and his horn, trade, the BatBlat, major characters, army units on both sides, locales within and without the city, poetry and filk, and a variety of more technical topics as well.

The Progress of the Siege draft is up for comments, and an expanded calendar is underconstruction - probably finished tomorrow.

Topics and subtopics are becoming more organised as a clear structure emerges.

And you're welcome to start your own topic or even idiosyncratic personal page. heck, I have... :)

Its an amazing tool for organising and recording our group creativity. Check it out!

And if you're having trouble with W-WW in any way, please raise the topic on list.



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