Re: FOUNDATION DOC: Forces and Numbers

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 18:37:13 -0000

Hi Jeff,

> Here's a question - should there have been Sun Dome Templar
> at Whitewall (on the Lunar side of course)? The SDT seems to be the
> Lunars' favorite local mercenaries.

Perhaps yes, if only because of the characterful internal conflict and competition that would arise. The Yelmalions' life in and out of camp (tents set aside, of course) would contrast with many of the units besieging Whitewall, and even when set against the Yelmic heritage of some of the phalangites, some interesting competition will emerge.

That friendly shield push organised on the rest day between members of the [Jasper] Phalanx and the Sun Domers, as a bit of competitive light relief, might get serious rather quickly...

Of course, I rather suppose it depends on who's in command. "Sun Domers? Excellent, fine chaps, well-disciplined! Phalanx is the only way to fight!"

Only for his successor to ask "Where have all the army's funds gone? Yes, I can see you've hired mercenaries, but who? Sundomers...? Right. We're attacking fortress sited on a precarious hilltop, and they've gone and hired me another phalanx. Oh, well, here's hoping that when all this is over they'll take the bloody Jaspers with them, and do us all a favour..."

Of course, with reference to the lighter troops, Kuschile Horse Archers (are they still around?) would make a wonderful change or addition to the 'light cavalry' force... and perhaps a useful alternative if the Lunars wanted to cooperate with allies or win hearts and minds, and not bring Char-Un or Redlands troops into the area.



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