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> >>Tatius the Bright - Waxing Moon General
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> >Tatius would prefer to be known as a Three Star General and

>I was using the Lunar titles rather than modern US army equivelents

It's not a US title, it's a Dara Happan one. Originally suggested in Tarsh War, it's appeared in Greg's Lunar Army documents such as:

         The Four Armies

         Because of the virtue of his souls and the acts of his body,
         Elmexdros was recognized to bear the power of Polaris, the
         Lord God of the Army.  He created the Imperial [Army]
         Standard, bearing atop its pole four stars.  Elmexdros,
         Emperor was thereby recognized to be the first Lord General
         (ie - 4-star).


         Elmexdros made four armies where one had been before.  The
         four armies were each commanded by a three star general.  [...]

--Peter Metcalfe

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