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Excuse me....I want to post some nonsense and (hopefully) humor to this discussion, no offense intended.

<<Scholarly Discussion about Freedom

The current turmoil of Heortland is in not only in physical aspect but in mental aspect of inhabitants. Especially about the nature of Freedom. That Common populace cannot understand nature of their debate doesn't equal to that their discussion is not important. Spiritual Sophistication (Corruption) have been induced from both Southern Monotheism and Northern Patriarchialism for long to this scholarly field of the area.

 Many agrees that Heortland Long Independence (some calls Ignorance and Barbarism) much owed on the activity of enigmatic order named Larnsti Brotherhood, one of famous Scholars among the Sect of Metcalphing (named by Ancient Great Hero of Scholarship) revealed it in his thesis. and though he is blamed that his philosophy was contaminated by Elemental Progression Thesis of Belintar, many supporters now side with his opinion and reject Thesis of Sect of Jorganothing. His base is on the Derensev library of Volsaxar. And his sect member secretly wears Emblem of Red Dragon.

But among Sect of Jorganothing, one scholar of St. Ankormy refutes from the side of Esvulari and Monotheistic Aeolianism, and activity of Larnsti should be analyzed rather as one of the powers of Celestian Court. He was also a strong innovator on the magical analysis of Vingkotling / Heortling culture, (as source of freedom) and influence to Central Genertela. Their secret emblem is White Dragon, and their base is Jelenkev School of Southern Heortland.

Though most of their discussion is found only on spiritual field and their own bases, some of Sword Sages from Esrolia joined in the debate and their argument sometimes exposed on physical battlefield like that of Esvulari and Volsaxar. Currently, many of such scholars use the siege of Whitewall for their truth contest, by guarding or attacking effectively the stronghold of Freedom literally, though both sects provide both sides tacticians and neither of most defenders and attackers of the siege line don't understand their motives, their support is too worthy to ignore.  

Now Old Windmill stops, New Wind Temple vanishes, and now only Whitewall remains as last center of Orlanth Worship. Some of two Sects hypotheizes that if Whitewall fall, that means serious cataclysm to magical balance of Central Genertela, but some others doesn't agree with it and its fall means just another symptom of perpetual change in Gloranthan Magical flow.


(Some Irripi Ontori want to apply their ritual of truth contest on the argument of mystical nature of TakenEgi by own Nickism Sect and Lauriesm Sect.:-)) >>

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