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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 20:09:42 GMT

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>Trying desparately to explain it to myself in
>Gloranthan not rules terms (because if it can only be
>explained in rules terms, it's just a game mechanic),
>I came up with the idea that if you have a sub/Hcult
>of Fred, associated in some way with Big God Tom, then
>as a hero-cult, you're following Fred, and as a
>sub-cult, you're following that aspect of Tom that
>Fred used to worship, which is not available through
>any other route. Does that start to make any kind of
>sense, or do I go back to the drawing board again?

That's the first clear explanation of the difference I've read. So at worst it's a standard to judge alternatives by.

Not that I'm particularly bothered about such distinctions.

Donald Oddy

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