Re: Imperial Army ranks

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 09:28:11 -0000

> Mind you, I think there is a case to be made in *this* particular
> example. Aside from the "Lunarism, bah!" old-school Dara Happans
> on the one hand, and the "vegetable rights and peace" Lunars on the
> other, there's a definite element by which the trappings of Lunar
> thinking are used to gloss whatever essentially very imperial, and
> Solar Imperial ideas (not very) deep down. In that spirit, it'd
> not surprise me in the least if DH-inclined Lunars used
> some "informal" or "poetic" convention
> by way of analogue to the old-fashioned tripolis ones. (Such as
> Crescent, Half, and Full, for the sake of argument.)

Good possibility for further colour; perhaps one of those areas we need not necessarily define, but leave open to personal taste. The way in which officers adapt to the two strongest traditions of two 'end-members', dependent on their own preferences, might vary.

While "official" higher Lunar rankings are pretty much an anathema to the crux of the Lunar system as Martin describes it, "informalisms" and "poeticisms" need not contradict this--just be cool gaming knobs and whistles.

If some peacenik, tree-hugging Lunar wishes to refer to himself as a New Moon Warlord, and his Dara Happan colleague of greater experience as a Crescent Moon Warlord, in due respect and deference, more power to him. Though if he was expecting gratification he may be in for a surprise...

I quite like it, but my main motivation in this is simple. "Warlord of the Crescent Moon" is just a *damn* fine title. Especially when said in a James Earl Jones fantasy voice. I'll adapt it IMG, if nowhere else! :)

Some "Lunarism, bah!" Dara Happans may actually find this attempt at an analogue to their glorious ways somewhat offensive and condescending--if they ever manage to be picked for higher command, of course. In such a case, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't use the terms 'crescent, half and full' amongst themselves, but 'crescent going, dying and black'. Oh that hilarious Dara Happan sense of humour!

Actually, if people are fond of playing with some reactionary cliques in the Ordenviru and higher echelons of the army, where the Lunar veneer is stretched thinly indeed, "Warlords of the Dying Moon" sounds a great name, dripping in irony, for a disgruntled secret society of pro-Solar officers.



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