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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:10:18 -0000

Ladies and Gents,

Took a look of what's out there in these discussions and posted on the Whitewall site, and took a stab at the below. I am not too well informed on the history officially speaking, and didn't have time to check it out either. This is just for fun. If it amounts to a contribution, so much the better. It's loosely based on Jeff's notes on Broyan. (NB. I'm not so keen on the Hendrik wyter idea; I suspect some greater destiny should avail him.) I wanted it to be dark to try and get away a bit from some of the more stereotypical concepts surrounding Orlanthi. The names are guesses, not based on this lazy contributor (not) reading the sources.

I am Broyan Brathisson and my doom is upon me. There is no god or man to whom I will bend for aid, no words that I will cry out to seek the help of another: all that I have loved has been taken by the gods in death or in betrayal. Only the wind of rage is left in me, the wind that calls out for vengeance. My boasts are as long as my scars are deep, but they will avail me nothing when I cross the dark river, and if thereafter I am feasted among heroes the bread on my plate will be as dust and the ale in my goblet will be as dust.

I am Broyan called the Fervour because I called the Hoargrey the Biter to be my second breath.

I was called by Vingkot but when I followed his path I found only desert. There is no land today where Vingkot calls himself King.

I am Broyan called the Willing Blade because I fought for King Adralar of the Marzeelings, and for every chief among the Volsaxings, after my father Brath was killed by his own clan.

I sought solace among the Larnstings and learned the secret of the Bitten Heel. My enemies among the night-men learned my weakness but I gained the Path of the Wondrous Bridge. When I learned who was my father's enemy I was called Reaver because of my deeds in raiding Karse and the Tax-Towns. I am called the Spoiler because at the Palace of Pearls I wounded the Pharoah, my father's enemy. I was cursed as the Doom-Bringer because after this the Red Moon came to our lands.

When I returned to my people the assassins came at the Full Moon. This is why I am called Nine-Finger and this was how I learned that King Gotalax who was once my friend had become my foe. I am named Kingslayer after I killed him and thirty scorpion-folk at the battle of Blood-Turning-Blue.

I brought together the Larnstings and convened the Council of Chiefs. This was where Garasold the Bad first spoke of Invisible Orlanth and Redinald Hendorsson spoke the Condemnation which said that wherever men and women gather together only the greater will be free. This was when the gods deserted us and the Esvularings came to fester in our divisions. Since then no wine or mead has passed my lips and not a night has passed where I have not prayed to the Goddess of Sorrow.

I am Broyan who swore an Oath to a Kingdom that did not exist. I am called Ruthless because when the Three Suns clan turned against me I murdered the fifteen thanes of my wife and challenged any to deny me Kingship. In this way I grasped the Sword of Change that cuts the hand that takes it, and I sent my breath to fight against the Red Wound in the sky. I used Daga to punish my foes when I took cattle from the Esvularings, and Orlanth when I gave them to feed the Colymar who would help us in our fight. I plundered the temples in Smithstone to pay the Kitorings when we triumphed in the Fight of Ten Vexillas.

I am Broyan Brathisson, last King of the Volsaxings. The world is changing and all that has gone before will be broken; the old laws will be changed. All that is precious has ebbed away and in the bitterness that remains we will awaken each day as if we dreamed a nightmare and yet woken with the blood on our hands. The world is dieing and a new world will come. Orlanth is dead, and a New Orlanth has been born from our sorrow.

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