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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 14:12:35 -0000

This is for the tribe so whatever the tribe wants to do with it is great by me! Following upon Jane's comments, here are a few pointers regarding specific allusions to Broyan in this text and other bits:

"I am Broyan called the Fervour because I called the Hoargrey the Biter to
be my second breath", refers to 'Greywind' from Jeff's summary plus I imagine stats in Orlanth is Dead.

"I was called by Vingkot but when I followed his path I found only desert",
alludes to Vingkot stories involving Tada and (what is now) Prax.

"I sought solace among the Larnstings and learned the secret of the Bitten
Heel. My enemies among the night-men learned my weakness but I gained the Path of the Wondrous Bridge," is a reference to Broyan specifically. Couldn't resist the Achilles Heel parallel from Larnste getting bitten: so Broyan gains the secret of the bridge to the City of Wonders from this quest, but the Kitori ("night-men") discover his weakness (= Achilles Heel). In KoS Broyan is killed by a Kitori demon, so this is where they learn how to kill him.

"I am called the Spoiler because at the Palace of Pearls I wounded the
Pharoah, my father's enemy. I was cursed as the Doom-Bringer because after this the Red Moon came to our lands." Jeff's notes mentioned Broyan passing from clan to clan, but didn't say why. I assumed he was trying to find his father's killer. He figures that the Pharoah is ultimately responsible and quests against the Pharoah and wounds him/her. Result: when Jar Eel strikes (maybe immediately or perhaps years after)the Pharoah is weakened and the Lunars score a victory thanks to Broyan.

"When I returned to my people the assassins came at the Full Moon. This is
why I am called Nine-Finger and this was how I learned that King Gotalax who was once my friend had become my foe. I am named Kingslayer after I killed him and thirty scorpion-folk at the battle of Blood-Turning-Blue." Gotalax is a Volsaxi King before Broyan: he's in cahoots with the Lunars (and the scorpion queen) and uses them to try and kill Broyan, his up-and-coming rival. Probably links to Pharoah thread, above.

"I brought together the Larnstings and convened the Council of Chiefs." This
is Broyan's initial play for Kingship amidst growing Esvulari/ Malkonwal problems. The other orators are Esvulari converts who are proselytes: one is discrediting the Larnsti.

"I am Broyan who swore an Oath to a Kingdom that did not exist." From Jeff's
notes. This is the oath to Rikard.

"I am called Ruthless because when the Three Suns clan turned against me I
murdered the fifteen thanes of my wife and challenged any to deny me Kingship. In this way I grasped the Sword of Change that cuts the hand that takes it, and I sent my breath to fight against the Red Wound in the sky. I used Daga to punish my foes when I took cattle from the Esvularings, and Orlanth when I gave them to feed the Colymar who would help us in our fight. I plundered the temples in Smithstone to pay the Kitorings when we triumphed in the Fight of Ten Vexillas." ...

...In my book all the regular stuff of Kingship and warfare! Sword of Change is a kinda' Larnsti thing, I thought--Broyan's point here is that change isn't always controllable or for the good. "Clan of Three Suns" could be any clan, in fact, but I liked the idea of three sun gods (ho ho! How about Yelmalio, Elmal *and* Ehilm?) NB. I'm not sure how big a Vexilla is.

"All that is precious has ebbed away and in the bitterness that remains we
will awaken each day as if we dreamed a nightmare and yet woken with the blood on our hands." This is downbeat because, basically, since Tarkalor the Volsaxi have only ever lost, and, let's face it, he *is* living in the Greater Darkness.

Final note: I didn't really feel this outlook would make him any less a warleader. I don't suppose Ghengis Khan was noted for oratory, for example, but I imagine that he was pretty good at intimidating the enemy.

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