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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 08:24:43 -0800

Jane -

> But there is *something* odd about his relationship to
> Orlanth.

        Yes - Broyan is an Orlanthi hero who quests when Orlanth is dead. He is - at least at some point during the siege - functionally (and maybe mythically) a Vingkotling. In a way that even so-called "Vingkotling kings" in the Third Age aren't.          

> Could it be that he thinks Orlanth has *already* let
> his people down? Before being "dead"?
> And if so, does he resent Orlanth for that, or think
> it's time for Orlanth's people to support their god,
> since he obviously needs it?
> Or both?

        I think the latter. I don't think he resents Orlanth - he knows this must happen. It is foolish to resent the gods for that is the mistake of the Hidden Kings. However, late during the siege, I think that Broyan knows that Orlanth must die - and men must trust to their own power to survive. Which could make for some interesting roleplaying - here's your fanatical Orlanthi king, who has repeatedly called upon Orlanth's secrets to defeat the Lunars time and again, telling you that Orlanth cannot help us in our final moment of crisis.         

> > Agreed. Give the man some quirks and blind spots,
> > sure, but he's a man who fixes his mistakes.
> So he has to be seen to make mistakes that can be
> fixed. Even if it's just losing his temper with
> someone, then apologising afterwards.

        Yep. I imagine that Broyan periodically loses his top (which can probably be a frightening and dangerous experience) and then - if he was wrong - going to great extremes to apologize.          

	>Can we make something of his relationships with women?
	> The impression I get is that he just isn't into
	> long-term relationships. Possibly he's one of those
	> who's interested until he's "scored", then the
	> challenge is gone. Crude, I know, but...?
	> (Could explain why his friendship with Kallyr has
	> lasted this long??)

> He seems to be very good at inspiring Orlanthi. Is
> that magical, or personality, or what? Is it "real",
> does he mean it, or does it get turned on and off?
This I think is the real deal. He is an inspirational and
charismatic figure. Like Old Hickory, he fights the same struggle that his followers feel they must fight. He has their foes to defeat, their goals to obtain. His personality is extreme, but reflects their values. And most importantly, the Orlanthi know that this man will never sell them or their god out to the Lunars - not like the Sartar High Council, and not like the other tribal kings (and some whisper that includes Kallyr and Leika). They know he won't surrender. Ever.          

> We said he seems to be in his 40s: so he's starting to
> get old. And won't admit it, is scared of it, scared
> of losing his edge?

        One of Broyan's other flaws is that he has a massive sense that he is the man designated by the gods to fight this battle (like Old Hickory actually). The showdown must happen now - and not in another ten or twenty years (because Broyan would be too old). To his followers and supporters this extreme confidence that he is the man of destiny is inspiring and reassuring. To others, it is frightening and half-mad.          


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