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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 16:28:02 -0800


> > Hmmm. I read what few sources are out there as
being internally

> >contradictory on this issue.
> They are not.

        Peter, please allow me the professional courtesy of at least acknowledging that the sources are ambiguous at best. They be interpreted in a variety of manners, including, but certainly, not limited to what you have proposed and what I have. For you to assert that they cannot is just plain silly. An interpretation may be better, or more interesting, or possess more of that je ne sais quo that marks something as more "Gloranthan" - but it is certainly not the only one available.          

> I feel that some references are necessary. The tribulations

> the Volsaxar at the hands of the Kitori should be noteworthy.
> The destruction of so many people at the hands of the Kralori
> (shades of the Sicilian Expedition) should be noteworthy.

        Sure let's put a few in.          

> The Esvulari are not the only Malkioni in Heortland. Greg
saw the

> Malkioni of Heortland as being riddled with half-a-dozen

> significantly represented. Suggestions of a loose pharaonic

> were made, including Rokari (and they are there long before

> Opening).

        No disagreement here.          

> More important is the elemental nature of the Sixths.
Heortland is

> supposed to be the Land of Storm. If the leadership of

> are Malkioni instead, then the Pharaoh is not going to be

> happy. One could argue that towards the end, the pharaonic

> is politically unsustainable with the Aeolians and others
demanding a

> fairer deal when the Pharaoh goes. This is why Heortland
quickly turns

> to custard.

        Since when aren't the Aeolians storm people? It seems to me that as long as Heortland is filled with storm worshippers and airy sorceries - Heortlings and Aeolians - the Pharaoh's should be happy. Also, just having an Aeolian nobility does not mean that Heortland is not the Land of Storm. Besides, most of the games I've seen with a Heortland connection have assumed that their rulers are Aeolian. Tracing that to the last century, means it is a relatively recent and slow development, which fits with the picture of Heortland circa 1621 that has been sketched in various sources.          


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