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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 00:31:45 GMT

In message <006e01c409da$468d4380$bb78fea9_at_computer> "Oliver Bernuetz" writes:

>What I'd like to see is a table showing equivalencies, showing what the
>different titles are from the different nations in the Empire. This rank is
>equivalent to this rank and this rank, etc. Plus IF possible some sort of
>generic equivalent title that anyone not militarily inclined can remember.
> Commander Titles
> Squad Company
>Carmania kethuda centurion
>Dara Happa decimarch dedecuron
>Darjiin suvaru hastundum
>Lunar septon centurion
>Pelanda motarxus tetrach
>Rinliddi vrimon vrimach
>Sylila orshil shilkot
>Generic corporal sergeant, etc.

Generic should be sergeant captain

>I've got no problem whatsoever with including the lovely colour of the names
>from ILH-1 but I personally don't want to try and remember what the
>different terms are. This way both parties are pleased.
>What do you think?

I'm quite happy with the idea although the table needs expanding to Regiment level and then generals which I think will be more important in this publication.

Donald Oddy

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