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Yeah - my thought is that is also linked to where the Hendreiki rebels operated during the Gbaji Wars. Which came first (were Hendreik's rebels restricted to Heortland because of Larnste's curse or was Larnste's curse to restrict the Larnsti only to that where Hendreik had found freedom) is a question of meaningly academic debate amongst pointy-headed Esvulari scribblers.
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> > Except that Larnsti cannot leave Heortland and there
> > is only one known exception.

>What is the source on the fact that Larnsti cannot
>leave Heortland?
Because of this wound, the god and his followers who once travelled throughout the whole world now cannot leave Heortland. Only one man, Sartar, managed to negate this curse - but once he left Heortland he could never return. Glorantha: Intro p143 --Peter Metcalfe The New World Is Born On the Walls On Whitewall. The WhiteWallWiki can be found at:                                    

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