Re: City Outline & Neighbourhoods - Sketch Map

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 21:47:59 -0000

John said:
> The spooky thing is, both the UW Heortland map and the DP:LOT map
specify it
> as 5-10,000 souls. In this case I simply can't believe the figures,
> someone can tell me what possible economy sustains that many people
in an
> isolated and rugged locale.

Perhaps that's how many people the place was optimistically designed to hold. We've already hypothesized gnarly trade goods that could be mined out of the plateau, meerschaum, magic crystals, sea metal, etc. Since the place is associated with Helamakt there could be some properties in the soil that makes for special wool so sheep herding could be big. But still a place for miners and shepherds that holds 5,000? Imagine the smell. And people would be deafened by the insessant bleating:-) So the beautiful buildings Sesarto made are/were being used to house sheep and for miner bars. I suspect Sesarto is spinning in his grave:-)


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