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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 23:02:07 GMT

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>Oh boy.... Thank you, Donald, for telling me *why* the
>Herewardi left Whitewall. We got mashed by the
>Shargashi (but won). We hung around long enough to see
>the Bat. Then we left. Why? Because Broyan (or
>someone) *insisted* on trying to stop dead souls going
>to the right place. We're Humakti, remember? And ones
>with a "thing" about potentially being led into
>dishonour by leaders. So off we went.
>Who on the Orlanthi side would have come up with that
>idea, and who would have supported it?

I think the Lunars started it, either by not considering the issue or deliberately to damage Orlanth. Some of the defenders were outraged, demanded revenge and Broyan agreed. I see Lunar heads being stuck on spikes on the wall with the bodies being thrown down those steep cliffs.

Donald Oddy

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