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        I'm with you on the mines.... but do feel that a client farming population,

        in the valleys outside of the defensible parts, should still be a factor.

        These would explain a large population figure for the city while at the same

        time make absolutely no difference to the practicable defensible size of the

        bit we're all discussing here. IMO Gloranthan cities can often be a bit too




        I don't think Whitewall was reoccupied for any reason other than its

        defensibility. Hendreik and the early Hendreiki kings took up residence

        at Whitewall after the Gbaji Wars, but then abandoned it because of it

        inaccessibility. Centuries later Hardrand the Green relocated the

        Volsaxi capital to Whitewall during his war with the Pharaoh and King

        Let's not have mines or other economically valuable reasons to be there

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>> I think that most of Whitewall is empty space and rock.
Prior to 1617,
>> I think it had a population of about 1200. It may have
actually picked
>> up some population during the civil war - in part
because it is such a
>> safe refuge and in part because Broyan is gathering
>The spooky thing is, both the UW Heortland map and the
DP:LOT map specify it
>as 5-10,000 souls. In this case I simply can't believe
the figures, unless
>someone can tell me what possible economy sustains that
many people in an
>isolated and rugged locale.
Mining for some rare mineral? If those mines are a royal monopoly the king could well site his court nearby and so traders would concentrate there. -- Donald Oddy The New World Is Born On the Walls Of Whitewall. The WhiteWallWiki can be found at: _____

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