RE: City Outline & Neighbourhoods - Sketch Map

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 16:54:51 -0800

Sorry about that previous message - I pressed send before I typed my e-mail!  

Jon writes:

> I'm with you on the mines.... but do feel that a client
farming population,

> in the valleys outside of the defensible parts, should still
be a factor.

> These would explain a large population figure for the city
while at the same

> time make absolutely no difference to the practicable
defensible size of the

> bit we're all discussing here. IMO Gloranthan cities can
often be a bit too

> small....

How about herders - plenty of herders! Sheeps and cows a plenty. I assume the main source of food is the tribute the Volsaxi pay their tribal king, the tribute the other tribes pay the High King, and the *****-geld which supports the fortress and Broyan's warband. That tribute is paid in cattle, sheep, tens of thousands of bushels of barley, oats and wheat, other foods stuffs, etc. Enough preservable food is stored that the fortress can hold out a loooong time (although I think food starts running out in late 1621 - part of that whole coming Great Darkness theme).  


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