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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 17:34:21 -0800


> Sheep I can certainly agree with. Lots of sheep. It's not
ideal cattle

> country - that's Northvale itself, which you can see from the

> walls - but there will be some local herds if only to
supply the king's

> household. Refugees may have bought cattle when the civil war
started, but

> once the Lunars arrive the herds are either confined in the
city or

> confiscated and slaughtered by the Lunars once the Umbroli
destroys the

> bridges on the only supply road in.

        I would expect that much of the cattle of the Northvale (and probably the Markdale) were driven into Whitewall during the early stages of the Lunar Invasion - as would be normal. Of course, these cattle are never returned to the Bacofi or Sylangi (instead they are eaten by the defenders or sacrificed to the gods and then eaten). This becomes just one more grievance King Hroar and King Bosodos have against Broyan - and one more reason they must become more tyrannical (Broyan essential stole their ability to be generous kings).          

> So the Great Market will be crowded out with herds initially.

        Yep. Lots of beef jerky. Hmmm.          

> Pigs in the nearby woods - both wild and semi-wild-gone-wild,
if you know

> what I mean. Beware the Nightjar Woman.

        Maybe this is another Ernaldan plotline (see my post to Roderick).          

> As for food stored in the city, the Iscari assassins who
holed up in Masada

> had enormous stores of grain - but it was a hundred years
old. So they went

> and massacred a nearby (Jewish) village and stole their grain
rather than

> risk Herod the Great's old store.. 'Heroes', ya gotta watch
'em... I'm sure

> we can borrow the old grain bit, though with Asrelia some of
it will still

> be pristine. Who knows just *what* might be found among
centuries-old grain.          

        Fortunately we have Scathach Iron Shrew - who probably has a pretty good idea what's there. I assume that the livestock are fed (at least for a while) with stored grain.          


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