Re: City Outline & Neighbourhoods - Sketch Map

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:43:31 -0000

Aaargh my insightful post on this topic was lost. In summary form (which you may be grateful for):
  1. The numbers on the DP:LoT map just follow previous maps. I would not read too much into them.
  2. The account of Whitewall describes it as a fortress that never became a city - so our isolated citadel fits that well.
  3. If you must have bigger numbers then as the foot of Tarkalor's Bridge (i.e. off our map) you could put in a Whitewall-Outside-The- Walls. The numbers on the DP:LoT map then include this temporary population. Outside the walls is started by refugees seeking safety under the walls of the old fortress. Of course without walls the Empire will overrun this area early in the siege (and the captured refugees may find themselves laboring in the Lunar siege works). Still that gives a few 'battles on the plains opportunities' for John and later 5th column among the Lunars stories.
  4. Or just assume that the pop figure for Whitewall includes the besieging Lunar forces - they probably have a small city for their army camped at the foot of the great fortress.

Or a mixture of the above. The main point here though is go with the story over one or two details in existing publications (hell you know what Greg would say about the numbers).

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