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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 07:07:54 -0800

I think we should use BA and OiD stats as baselines - although some stats may be lower (and others higher). I generally have a fudge augment of +6 to +10 for major NPCs (to reflect those automatic augments that folk should be gettng for unlisted skills like Brave, etc.).

Broyan and Kallyr may be stronger at WW than in OiD (frex Broyan has wind daimon followers that presumably augment some of his skills up the wazoo). Whose doing the new Kallyr stats for GT?

However Broyan may be getting some sort of community support bonus - certainy during key parts of the battle. That community may be a lot bigger than just the defenders.....


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> What is the benchmark for WWall characters?
> Is there already a table anywhere I could glimpse
> at?

I'd suggest OiD and the NPC writeups there. That's a few years on, so we probably want to assume everyone's a few points lower than those numbers (we spend our HP to improve, and I'm assuming they do the same)

> 1619 max ability (except from bat blat) allowed is 3
> masteries (Broyan)

Humakt writeup says senior officers have 10W2 abilities as minimums (minumum, not average, though!). So this sounds about right, though I'd suggest you could allow higher numbers for very specific narrow specialist skills.

But, the OiD stats seem to assume people aren't even getting augments from their followers, never mind about their friends. Your numbers for people "with help" seem to me to be a bit on the low side. Remember they'll be using magical weapons/items, getting a bunch of devotees to stack feats as augments, and so on. If they can't get an extra two or three masteries out of that, they're just not trying.

Jane Williams

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