Re: Project: a siege scale map of Whitewall

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 09:44:32 +1100

Joerg, the map protocol sounds great.

>What we have so far is the map of the surrounding lands (still
>containing various errors) and the city plan overview. What I'd like
>to see is
>- how the Tor (if that's the rock the city walls were built upon)
>relates to the rest of the Plateau,
>- where that larger hill (on the map towards the west) sits,
>- how Tarkalor's road approaches the city and how it continues to
>Smithstone and Karstanstead,
>- where the Lunars set up their camp,


-The burning ground

>And it would be cool if someone had a wiki-like tool for graphics -
>ideally something able to merge layers produced by the individual

Once you specify a default size for the base map, I'm happy to set up a multi-layered Photoshop master to keep in the files area. I'd be probably grow too big for Wiki. Am I correct in assuming that most folk have access to something that can read Photoshop/Layered files?

>Tarkalor's road approaches from the northeast through a valley with
>the Tor atop the plateau to the northwest and a quite rounded hill
>range to the southeast. The hills opposite the plateau are less high

A couple of valleys. With bridges please. :) The odd ravine and cliff side crawl.



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