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I hope Kallai wasn't at Boldhome - I prefer him dying depressed and brokenhearted. Besides the Colymar king's list says he was "exiled after Starbrow's Rebellion" and Event of my life said that after the Battle of Orlanth the Loser, "Kallai rockbuster flees in fear."

Easier to just say he was exiled, don't you think? Besides why would tribal kings go to Boldhome just for the Urox ceremony.

That let's us have Beneva as a strong Ernaldan counterpart to Kallyr.

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> > > Maybe we have Kallai already dead (of heartbreak, following his
> nephew's
> > Good idea, but can we "kill" a major character of Starbrows rebellion
> without
> > a heroic death?

> I think we can and should. Not every great leader dies heroically.

I think that Kallai was one of the rebel leaders who tricked Fazzur into pardoning them as retinue of Temertain, and who died for it in the chaos incident of Urox' holy day the same year in Boldhome. Is that sufficiently heroic/dead?

BTW I think that Benava suffered that fate, too...

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