Re: Outside the gates?

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 07:45:30 -0000

Donald reminds us:

> Until 1621 I think the Lunar blockade is pretty ineffectual, not
> enough troops trying to cover a lot of ways in and out. So there
> are lots of encounters outside the walls with people trying to
> sneak past guards, fight guards, raid the Lunar camp and anything
> else a narrator can think of. In return the Lunars try and sneak
> heroes into the city to cause damage and disruption, clamp down
> on sympathisers who are feeding the rebels information or supplies.

Very important point. The siege is only tighter than Gorakiki-gnat's arse during the later stages of Tatius' warlordship.

> Sounds good. I'm wondering who is going to have air superiority,
> for most of the siege it would appear to be the Orlanthi...

Well, on full moon days the tables are probably turned.

BTW, would we base tactics for the Lunar Wyvern Riders operating above the walls of Whitewall on those used by Nazgul on fell beasts plucking Gondorians from Minas Tirith? :-)

Cheers, Nick

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