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Let's approach the Bat-Blat with a clean slate and not feel constrained by previous speculations (the teleport scheme was an RQ3 rulesy solution and kind of a cop-out). I guarantee that is how Greg would approach it.

What is the best HQ storyline for the Bat-Blat? Surely not a mere feat or reflecting the bat's scream. I mean we are taking out a petty god here! This is an epic event that bends the Compromise - the Thunderer is here!

Later, Tatius exploits this to kill Orlanth as Whitewall - our other mythic event at WW.


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So, if you are on the Bat's back, the relevant problems are:

a.  Chaos Scream
b.  Absorb Magic
c.  Cult Member Riders
d.  Ticks

The acid blows past too fast for it to matter for long, etc.

To my mind, the biggest problem is the Chaos Scream. I think that Broyan found a way to reflect it back at the Bat, driving it insane(r), so it attacked the lunar army, then flew away from its home. This avoid the Absorb Magic problem, because they are not casting magic at it. The cult members and ticks are mundane combat problems. As Jane suggested, since air carries sound, perhaps the air simply throws it back. Mental image: Orlanth catches a thrown javelin and hurls it back. Maybe this was a Vingkot Victorious feat. Broyan adapts it. Alternately (or maybe cumulatively), the Orlanth Thunderous keyword (p. 239) has a Snatch Breath feat. This could snatch the scream right out of its mouth. Maybe then Broyan throws it back.

> Players can also be part of the flying warband
> that lands on the Bat and fights Bat Guards,
> Priests and Ticks.

They teleport, not fly, right?

Chris Lemens

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