Re: The Bat-Blat

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:36:30 -0000

Great stuff John. Some nitpicks.

> As the Bat closes to screaming range, the air retreats. Hard. A
> semi vacuum forms about the bat.

Sounds a bit too much like Brastalos no-wind again to me. Orlanth is the Thunderer, couldn't his thunder simply drown out the bat's scream.

Maybe an explosion of Orlanth's thunder deafens everyone at the battle; deafened they can no longer here the bat's scream and are immune to it. Command and control becomes intersting. Unprepared deafened people will have to fight alone (hand signals are only so much use in the confusion of a battle). Do those who leant the secret of I Fought We Won and learnt to stand alone triumph over those who learnt We Are All Us and are used to working together.

The bat is likely to be heavily affected by the Thunderclap. Deafened it will be blind (no sonar). (Perhaps Broyan learnt this deafening secret for defeating darkness creatures as part of his Vingkot anti-troll role, and thus brings the Thunderer to Whitewall). A blind bat is deadly to both Lunars and Orlanthi as it careers about in panic and pain with its priests struggling desperately to control it.

Then the defenders can fly onto its back and pick of the controlling priests. As the bat goes beserk, blind and out-of-control the Lunars may also be forced to turn upon their demon to save themselves.  

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