Batty batty batty

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 08:52:42 -0800

> The other major problem with the Bat. It absorbs magic
> cast at it or its followers.
> The ability to absorb magic is, conceptually at least,
> a Shield. So chuck a Shield Destroyer feat at it. If
> you win, ability to absorb magic destroyed. If you
> don't: magic absorbed as standard per Bat. But, this
> requires 15W5 of Shield Destroyer just to make the
> odds even. "Augmented up the wazoo" doesn't begin to
> cover it. We don't have that many Humakti in
> Whitewall, even before the Shargashi killed off most
> of them.

Hmm, nice hairsplitting, but I probably wouldn't allow it. The bat's anti-magic is more of a sinkhole than a shield - you cast magic, and nothing happens, it just "goes away" (at least it doesn't make the bat stronger!).

Of course, the magical absorbtion is an Ability, and can be beaten by anything of sufficient magnitude. So if you can crank up a Xw5+ magical effect, you have a chance to stop the bat cold (Of course, "Absorb magic" might be augmented with something else, like "Large 15w7" for a +16...)

> This bat has eyes. Lots of them...

>Dang your right. Does it use them so navigate? I'll check Moon
>Rites. Any other kibbutzers on this idea?

I know that I didn't write anything about its navigational senses.

I think the original, pre-goddess bat had the standard 2 eyes. Through illumination, chaos mutation, etc, it acquired others (which don't all see into *this* world...).

I think a series of Thunderclaps (while the 'clap might be magically produced, the sound it makes isn't, otherwise you'd have horrendous "Multiple target" penalties!) that act like strobe lights on the Bat's Sonar would probably do as well or better. And accompanied with Lightning to act as *real* strobing lights, you can kill off it's eyesight as well. Orlanthi can probably get "Mundane", Umbroli and Kolating Lightning to work on multiple planes of sight & sound. If they could get Sorcerous lightning as well... Some hail would probably help, at least against the humans on its back, so break out the Hedkoranthi. High winds to help buffet the bat and disorient the priests and guards. In the midst of the howling, lightning-rent, hail-pelting storm come Our Orlanthi Heroes (suitably augmented and empowered in all their Hero-Light) riding the winds. A massive fight develops on the back of the bat. Which, incidently, goes into a series of death-rolls, dives, spins, etc to shake the interlopers off - while it is blind and deaf and buffeted by high winds! It could easily fly straight into the ground/side of a cliff.

This storm should also help to drive off any Lunar fliers that are running defence for it.

As you can see, this storm will require the aid of many devotees/priests to coordinate and empower. Rituals galore!

It is by my order and for the good of the state that the bearer of this has done what he has done.
- Richelieu

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